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Name: Apollo

Age: 8 Months

Apollo is a purebred catahoula leopard dog


Name: Indo

Age: 11 Months

He is a bully pit and the biggest baby ever


Name: River

Age: 7

Sir Little River Blue


Name: Scarlett

Age: 8

This is Scarlett, she will be 8 next month and she is seen here embracing her inner princess (which she does more often than not!)


Name: Jimmy

Age: 1

Dog or Reindeer?


Name: Blue Boy

Age: 14

Blueboy is my companion and best dog a person could ask for. He has been blind for about 10 years due to a genetic condition. He runs 5k’s with his mom and loves to snuggle!


Name: Tucker

Age: 7 Months

This is my boy Tucker! I got him last summer and he is a very good boy! He comes to the barn with me and he absolutely loves playing with the calves. He’s a loyal and caring dog that loves to be around my family. He is also super protective over the farm and doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know when someone he doesn’t recognize comes around. Tucker is a very good dog and I’m so happy that I was able to bring him to the farm.


Names: Blue & Sadie

Age: 3 Months

Not just one but two adorable pups!


Name: Reeces

Age: 1

Reeces is an overly friendly calico. No room on your lap, no problem for her - she will make it!

Linda Erdman cat

Name: Fancy

Age: 8 Months

Fancy is a beautiful small cat with lots of personality and loves to get attention.


Name: Rudy

Age: 4 Months

"I hope I can grow into these ears!"


Name: Molly

Age: 6

Molly loves being outside. She likes to wear her pink sweater to be warm.


Name: Baxter

Age: 6 Months

Loves to play run n cuddle he loves the snow he’s a great dog he’s a Shiba inu!

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